Oakland's Cannabis Trade Association

Oakland Citizens for Equity & Prosperity is an association Oakland cannabis businesses, labor organizations, community non-profits, and cannabis support businesses committed to creating a vibrant and equitable Oakland cannabis economy.


Our Members

OCEP's members represent a wide cross-section of stakeholders in Oakland's cannabis community. Licensed operators and cannabis landlords. Legacy companies and newly-arrived start-ups. Equity entrepreneurs and equity incubators. Non-profits and labor unions. And, all manner of services businesses that serve the local cannabis industry.



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Our Issues

At a vital time in the development of the regulated cannabis economy, OCEP is focused on issues of critical importance to the success of the Oakland cannabis community.



Oakland has the most severe cannabis business taxes in California. Much-needed cannabis jobs and tax revenue will depend on making Oakland a competitive place to locate cannabis businesses.

Fulfilling the promise of equity

Oakland's landmark equity program must be implemented as envisioned, so that struggling equity-owed businesses can survive in the competitive, statewide market.

easing the regulatory burden

Obtaining and keeping a local cannabis permit can be an inefficient and burdensome process. To maintain its place as an industry leader, Oakland needs an efficient compliance regime that quality operators of all sizes can navigate.


Our Impact

OCEP organized in early 2017 in order to defeat Oakland's proposed 3-year residency requirements for Cannabis business owners. In 2018, OCEP succeeded in placing a measure on the November 2o18  ballot to give the City the power to amend Oakland's gross receipts tax on adult use cannabis businesses. We continue to push the City to execute on its promised no-interest equity loan program and implement other improvements to the City's cannabis compliance regime, as well as draw attention to Oakland cannabis business issues and candidates for local office that support sensible cannabis regulation. 



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